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A Right to Own Slaves

Should affirmative action programs be discontinued?

Affirmative action can restrict our individual freedom to do business with, hire, or accept whomever we choose in order to ensure more equality for disadvantaged groups. Should affirmative action programs be discontinued?

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CE Ballard
Equality is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.
Affirmative action was started because the actual disadvantaged groups were people who were not white men. So, is it that White Men are now disadvantage? I don't think so because they still own the majority of businesses and do the majority of hiring.They set the pay rate which turns out to be that anyone who is not a white man will get paid less. Because it seems like racism doesn't exist does not mean that racism does not actually exist. There are just a bunch of laws put in place and enacted so that people who behave in a descriminatory way will be able to be sued.

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